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Career Quiz

This quiz will help you identify what types of work you most like doing. Each of the 15 questions lists six tasks that people do. Select the work you'd enjoy doing most, making sure to choose the task you prefer doing more than all the others in the group - no matter how qualified you are to do that job. Then select 'See Result' to view the occupations you are most likely to enjoy or be good at. (A Career Quiz app can also be downloaded free from the iTunes app store and Google Play by searching for ‘Career Quiz Australia’).

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Developed by C. Weightman MAPS and Dr R. Goddard for the Department of Employment

Copyright Department of Employment 2001 Commonwealth of Australia

Note: This is a career interest reference tool only, not a psychological test. Results give a very general guide to help with review of courses and information about work activities and workplaces. Job Outlook does not warrant that the results of the career quiz are accurate.

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