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Plastics and Rubber Production Machine Operators


Plastics and Rubber Production Machine Operators operate machines to manufacture and finish plastic and rubber products. The links below provide quick access to basic information for this occupation.  Greater detail can be found using any of the page tabs above. A one page printable summary of the key statistics for this occupation can also be found under the Reports and Links tab above. Just click on the tab and follow the link for Occupational Bulletin.


This occupation may include associated occupations with varying tasks.

  • operating controls to regulate temperature, pressure, speed and flow of operation
  • measuring and loading materials, items and ingredients for mixing into machines and feeding mechanisms
  • monitoring operation, regulating material supply and adding chemicals and colorants to mixture
  • threading uncoated wire and cable through plastic coating machines, around take-up reels and through dies and cooling chambers
  • laying casings, beads, ply and rubber sheets on moulds
  • operating rollers to remove air
  • operating vulcaniser presses and controlling curing
  • examining output for defects and conformity to specifications
  • performing minor repairs and maintaining production records

Job Titles

  • Plastic Cablemaking Machine Operator 
  • Plastic Compounding-Reclamation Machine Operator 
  • Plastics Fabricator or Welder 
  • Plastics Production Machine Operator  
  • Reinforced Plastic & Composite Production Worker 
  • Rubber Production Machine Operator 
  • Plastics & Rubber Production Machine Operators  

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