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Food and Drink Factory Workers


Food and Drink Factory Workers perform routine tasks in manufacturing food and beverages. The links below provide quick access to basic information for this occupation.  Greater detail can be found using any of the page tabs above. A one page printable summary of the key statistics for this occupation can also be found under the Reports and Links tab above. Just click on the tab and follow the link for Occupational Bulletin.


This occupation may include associated occupations with varying tasks.

  • weighing, measuring, mixing, dissolving and boiling ingredients
  • adding materials, such as spices and preservatives, to food and beverages
  • operating heating, chilling, freezing, pasteurising, carbonating, sulphuring and desulphuring plant
  • monitoring product quality before packaging by inspecting, taking samples and adjusting treatment conditions when necessary
  • operating machines to peel, core, slice, dice, pit and juice fruit and vegetables
  • cleaning equipment, pumps, hoses, storage tanks, vessels and floors, and maintaining infestation control programs
  • regulating speed of conveyors and crusher rollers, and adjusting tension of rollers to ensure total extraction of juice from sugar cane
  • moving products from production lines into storage and shipping areas
  • packaging and bottling products

Job Titles

  • Baking Factory Worker 
  • Brewery Worker 
  • Confectionery Maker 
  • Dairy Products Maker 
  • Fruit and Vegetable Factory Worker 
  • Grain Mill Worker 
  • Sugar Mill Worker 
  • Winery Cellar Hand 
  • Food and Drink Factory Workers  

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