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Packers weigh, wrap, seal and label chocolate, fruit, vegetables, meat, seafood and other products. The links below provide quick access to basic information for this occupation.  Greater detail can be found using any of the page tabs above. A one page printable summary of the key statistics for this occupation can also be found under the Reports and Links tab above. Just click on the tab and follow the link for Occupational Bulletin.


This occupation may include associated occupations with varying tasks.

  • obtaining supplies of products and assembling bags, package folders and cartons
  • packing containers and bags with products, and counting, weighing and measuring amounts and adjusting quantities
  • wrapping protective material around products, sealing bags and containers, and attaching pre-printed labels
  • counting and placing bags and packages onto trays and racks, and into shipping cartons
  • recording information such as numbers, weight, times and dates
  • monitoring the filling of containers and adjusting machines to maintain volume and seal quality
  • monitoring the supply and quality of containers and contents of holding tanks
  • checking the cleanliness and operation of machines, equipment and containers

Job Titles

  • Chocolate Packer 
  • Container Filler 
  • Fruit and Vegetable Packer 
  • Meat Packer 
  • Seafood Packer 
  • Packers  

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